Sleepy time

I read a post on a mum missing her old bedtime routine with her toddler (I wish I could remember who’s blog it was, I’d pop a link to it). This, combined with a few articles on sleep training made me think about our sleep journey. My daughter has never had an issue staying asleep….

Christmas Helped Us

Before Christmas when I’d quit my Sunday job, I’d realised that me and my husband were out of practise with spending time together. I worked out in a working week we were only seeing each other for a total of 25 hours a week. Which included one shared day off a week. This was more…

My daughters Christmas

We all loved Christmas this year. My daughter understood it a little bit more, and loved it! She LOVED spending time with family, especially those she doesn’t see very often. Her Auntie, who sadly lives over 5000 miles away, got to spend a decent chunk of time with her, which makes me really happy but also makes me wish…

Welcome 2017

I figured since it is a new year. I should post about it!
I’m not one for making New Years resolutions. But this year I’m making an exception. They’re less resolutions, well one is, the others are more intentions – things for me to work on and continue

Showing scars

Who do I show my scars to?
There’s no lying. I’m saying this is me. The dark part of me.
So how do I choose who to show?


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year for tonight! Ours was very busy, we had a great time, there was only a bit of the inevitable family holiday time drama, and we were all thoroughly spoiled. My daughter loved every second of it! I’m sure I’ll be doodling about her in the next…

Christmas Grumbles

I’ll start by saying I do like Christmas! All the lights and food and spending time with family. But I’ve been a bit bah humbug this year. It’s the 23rd and I’ve just got the decorations up, finished present shopping and started wrapping. Now considering we start celebrating and open our presents tomorrow, this is…

Needy Dog Progress!

Yesterday I left Needy dog in the house for a whole 18 minutes! Our new personal best! I film her when I leave, and watch it when I return. She managed the whole 18 minutes with only minor yipping in the first 30 seconds! THIS IS HUGE!!! I am so proud of her (and me) for…

Early Wakeup Call

Those 3 little words changed me from being annoyed about being woken up at crazy hours of the morning, to being grateful for having such an adorable and loving daughter. She wants to curl up next to me in our bed, simply because she loves me. I can’t be doing such a bad job at…

Self Harm in Young People

Young people (under 18’s) seeking treatment for self harm has gone up by 14% in 3 years.
This number only includes people going to hospital for treatment, but what about those who self harm and never seek treatment? How much has the percentage really gone up? It’s an impossible figure to obtain, but it does make you think.

Mommy’s girl

I’ve seen others post about being the favorite, or not favorite parent, but here is our experience as it stands now. At the moment I am my daughters favorite parent. If I am home I have to take her to the toilet, cuddle her when hurt, draw with her etc etc. When I’m not home…