Why can’t my son have a pink room?

My son hasn’t even been born yet, and I’ve already had a comment on the planned colour scheme for his room.

His room will be the box room which is currently my husbands office space. When we moved in, the room was awful. It had horrible textured wallpaper, and a strange cupboard arrangement along one wall, housing the boiler and airing cupboard. It will be a total pain when it comes to placing furniture, but we can’t afford to move the boiler and redo the cupboards as of yet. But the colour, oh god the colour! It was a horrible sickly green blue. Not nice. We decided to paint the walls a light grey, which has improved it 100 times, but the blue still shows through slightly. We wanted to add some colour in there too, so I narrowed it down between a bright pink magenta-ish colour and a bright turqoise, for the skirting boards and radiator. My husband chose the pink.

I hadn’t gotten around to painting the magenta, but now that we are rearranging the room for when our son will be big enough, it seems like a good time to do so. I had no plans to change our colour scheme just because we are having a boy. We have the paint, it will look nice, why differ from our plan? I’ve never been one to decorate a nursery. My daughters room didn’t get painted or decorated in the slightest till she was 2! So I was feeling ahead of my usual game on his room!

I felt confident in our plan. Until…We got that comment: YOU CANT PAINT A BOYS ROOM PINK!!!!!! Why would you do that?!’ Erm excuse me? No one cared when we chose to do a blue wall in our daughters bedroom. It looks good, and suits the room. No one cared that she would have a ‘boy’ colour. The same attitude doesn’t apply to boys it seems. But why? Are we wrong to want pink in his room? I didn’t think so. My husband chose the colour, and he’s a ‘boy’. We liked the grey and pink because it’s a small, bleak and not especially bright room. The pink would warm it, and add some brightness without darkening or making the room feel smaller. But now I’m doubting myself

What’s wrong with pink for a boy?

Is there anything wrong?
I’m sure we will be repainting it when he gets his own tastes anyways, so what does it matter now?

I have always hated the pink and princess for girls; blue and trucks/dinosaurs for boys. I regularly let my daughter chose clothes from either the girls or boys section. I plan to be the same with my son. Maybe it’s going to be harder. It seems that way. If my daughter is in ‘boy’ clothes she’s just seen as a tom boy. What will people think if my son wants to wear a pink sparkly princess top or a dress even?! I think ‘challenging’ that gender barrier by letting him chose his clothes or having some pink in his room will be even harder and judged much worse for him then my daughter. Hell its started already and he’s not even arrived yet!


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  1. Darlene Dee says:

    Paint it pink!
    And good for you for letting your daughter choose from both sides of the clothing aisle. Why are toddler clothes separated by gender anyway? They should all fit the same. (They don’t, but they should. Unfortunately, toddler ‘girl’ tees are often cut smaller which is ridiculous.)
    I dressed Babystar in lots of ‘boy’ clothes both for a better fit and because she loves airplanes and dinosaurs. She also loves pink dresses. It’s all fine.
    My very wise 18yo daughter noticed that Babystar gets called ‘he’ when people are unsure. Even when wearing ‘girl’ clothes. She has very short hair but hello, she’s still growing it. The teenager thinks that people default to ‘he’ because it is less offensive to mistakenly call a girl ‘he’ than to call a boy ‘she’. In these other people’s minds, anyway. Sad but possibly true.
    Anyway. Lol. Do whatever you want. 🙃

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    1. Thanks!
      My daughter gets called he a lot, only if she’s not wearing something really girly! I wonder if your 18 year old is indeed right!
      I say that about toddler clothes all the time. I think shops should just put them all together. I’ve also noticed that a lot of boy clothes – mainly the trousers seem to be better quality. My daughter needs something that won’t rip it wear through, exploring isn’t just a boy thing! Lol!

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  2. ohprettycity says:

    I don’t think it really matters, he is a baby and would probably only use the room to sleep in and as you say he can choose the colour himself when he is big enough and he may like it just the way it is! #kcacols

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  3. Go for it! He’s not going to mind one jot is he. I think it’s great that you are thinking about gender stereotypes for your kids. Yeah you prob will face more comments if he chooses pink sparkly clothes to wear when he is bigger than you would with a girl choosing ‘boy’ clothes but let them be kids and stuff people’s unwanted opinion! #KCACOLS

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  4. Good for you. I rant a lot about gender stereotypes, but as the father of a girl that likes boy stuff, its easy for me. I’d like to think I’d be them same way with a son #KCACOLS

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    1. Thanks! My daughter likes a lot of boy things, she’s probably 50/50 with what she likes. But I think it’s harder for boys who like ‘girl’ things. Keep ranting about the stereotypes! Maybe they’ll go away some day!


  5. Mainy - myrealfairy says:

    You do whatever suits you and your family. It doesnt matter in the slightest. However it is really strange how every so often these things do crop up to make us think and then question what we do. Stick to your own path:) Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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  6. Acorn Books says:

    Yes paint it pink! I can’t bear the colour stereotypes that follow our children around. A colour is just a colour! #KCACOLS

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  7. I personally wouldn’t paint a boy’s room pink, but I don’t even have a good reason for that! We didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl so we went wit primary colours. My daughter is now very pink & princessy but that’s completely her choice. #KCACOLS

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  8. queerlittlefamily says:

    My son has a pink blankie and a pink princess as his favourite toy. Also I dress him in ‘girls’ clothes. #kcacols

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