Christmas Helped Us

Before Christmas when I’d quit my Sunday job, I’d realised that me and my husband were out of practise with spending time together.

I worked out in a working week we were only seeing each other for a total of 25 hours a week. Which included one shared day off a week. This was more then we had together in 2015! We’ve been working like this for so long, we’d forgotten how to be around each other. Our time was spent just dealing with practical things.

Suddenly we had a whole extra day to do something as a family and not just be doing jobs. I’d noticed we were increasingly irritable with each other on this new day off. I was worrying that maybe we’d grown apart, despite feeling that our relationship had gotten stronger over the year.

We’ve both had time off over Christmas and it has done us the world of good. Yes we’ve been running around seeing people etc. But we have had time to ourselves most days, and longer then the usual 2 hours! I feel our relationship has recalibrated and adjusted again to spending time together. It feels great. I needn’t have worried so much. We just needed to practise being us again. I have been working weekends and/or working shift work for most of our relationship. Before we had our daughter that was fine, because we had more time with each other. But the ridiculous working hours combined with being parents has left us disconnected in just being normal. We could deal with house and parent issues, and any crisis thrown our way we dealt with well. We are a great team, but had stopped being just us.

I’m very appreciative and grateful for this time together over Christmas, we have found our happy again. I wish we could have had a bit longer off together. But I’m now looking forward to the weekends again.


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