My daughters Christmas

We all loved Christmas this year. My daughter understood it a little bit more, and loved it!

She LOVED spending time with family, especially those she doesn’t see very often. Her Auntie, who sadly lives over 5000 miles away, got to spend a decent chunk of time with her, which makes me really happy but also makes me wish that she could live a lot closer to us. My daughter adored it, and was full of giggles and loved showing off to her! My cousin was another huge hit. Both have cemented their position as one of her favourite people.

My sister really got to experience the toddler logic during their time together!

She loved all of the treats that come with Christmas. Mainly the mince pies. I honestly don’t know how she will cope without them for the rest of the year. Is mince pie addiction a real thing?

I’m actually not sure if I’ll cope without being able to use the mince pie bribe!

Me and Hubby were excited about the stocking part of Christmas this year, she didn’t understand it at all last year. I don’t feel 100% comfortable with creating the lie of Santa, but that’s a post for another day! She wasn’t thrilled at all by the idea in the lead up to Christmas, but on the day, whilst we were upstairs before coming down to find her stocking I managed to get her really excited about it.

At least she seemed really excited, apparently the excitement wasn’t that strong!

Obviously she loved the presents, tearing the wrapping paper off alone is thrilling – even if what’s inside isn’t! Most of the presents were for her, she was thoroughly spoiled, but she didn’t really understand that some presents were for other people. In her mind they were ALL HERS!

Sadly Christmas dinner was not a hit. We didn’t create a backup meal for her, in case she didn’t like it. So she had to eat it. Else she’d just be living off sugar! She did eat it eventually, but it took a lot of effort and bribery on everyone else’s part. I did feel bad for her as she really wasn’t enjoying it, a few times she looked as if she might throw it up. But she didn’t and she ate most of it in the end. But she really was the picture of misery.


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  1. I ADORE your drawings!! My little one is 13 months so he still didn’t get Christmas but he absolutely loved all the extra time with family and the Christmas music 😂 Hope she begins to appreciate Christmas dinner in time!! Ellen

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    1. Thankyou! So sweet he loved the music! I’m hoping so too on the dinner front – it’s one of the best bits!


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