Welcome 2017

I figured since it is a new year. I should post about it!

2016 was a mixed year. Its been full of mental health issues. We’ve had battles with my parents in law. My husband has had a extremely stressful year at work. And to finish the year off, my work van died, our heating and hot water broke (still waiting for that to be fixed!) and we desperately need a new fence in the garden. Expensive times ahead! We have made it through and I think we are stronger because of it. We have had fun and success too. Lots of fun. My business has grown, I’ve quit my horrible Sunday job. I’ve started this blog, and you lovely people are reading it and I love reading all of yours – yay! We love being a family of 3 (plus 2 fur babies), watching our daughter grow into a little girl is amazing and great fun. She is sweet, caring, spunky, knows her own mind, is full of energy and a bit of a show off! Our beautiful but damaged new rescue dog – The Needy Dog, has made leaps and bounds in her progress. Giving us real hope that she will be able to eventually enjoy people who aren’t just us, and generally find life outside the home less stressful and scary. We managed to have a successful camping holiday with a toddler and 2 dogs, our first holiday in I think 7 years!

As for what 2017 will bring, who knows. I hope it has less downs and difficult moments then 2016. I’m not one for making New Years resolutions. But this year I’m making an exception. They’re less resolutions, well one is, the others are more intentions – things for me to work on and continue:

  • I will be better at setting boundaries with my parents in law.
  • I will keep on enjoying and spending time with my daughter.
  • I will try to moan less at my husband!
  • Me and my husband will spend more time together, maybe even go on ‘dates’!
  • I will get better and more organized on this blogging thing, and try to understand things like linkies!
  • I WILL quit smoking for the last time.
  • I will remember that keeping me and my family’s health and happiness is more important then keeping others happy just to keep the peace. We can say no when it is in our best interests. Even if it does create some temporary drama.

I’ve come up with quite a list there!

What are your resolutions/intentions for 2017?



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