Christmas Grumbles

I’ll start by saying I do like Christmas! All the lights and food and spending time with family.


I’ve been a bit bah humbug this year. It’s the 23rd and I’ve just got the decorations up, finished present shopping and started wrapping. Now considering we start celebrating and open our presents tomorrow, this is VERY last minute! I think we’ve just been so busy we haven’t had time to do it all before now!

These are my pet hates that have cropped up this year, probably just because I’m being such a grump!

1) Christmas lights:

How does this happen?!? I tie them up really neatly and nicely after Christmas every year. How is it when the spend a year in the loft in a box, that they can re-emerge so incredibly tangled and knotted?!?

2) Picky Eaters:

I don’t mind if someone’s vegetarian or vegan, or has allergies to foods – a lot of my family and friends are allergic to different things (if they all over at once, co-ordinating a dish for everyone could be a nightmare!) but being picky for no real reason drives me mad. Especially when there is a whole list of daft requirements. Will eat bread but no other gluten, can have dairy products but will only drink lactose free milk etc etc. And being expected to buy a whole carton of special milk, just so someone might or might not have a cup of tea. Nope. Not a fan.
3) Being in a busy town centre with a toddler.

My daughter isn’t a pushchair kind of girl. She walks everywhere. It’s amazing how many people apparently CAN NOT see her and literally walk into her, knocking her over or sending her spinning round, it’s ridiculous. And never any apology. We are not walking in an annoying manor, we aren’t weaving around or charging through small gaps, we are considerate! If I wasn’t so busy trying to catch her and keeping hold of shopping bags at the same time, I’d have some choice words for them.


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  1. Tee 💜 says:

    Number 3 is my pet hate too (but without the toddler). I had to go into a supermarket with a pushchair and after 20 minutes I gave up! I can’t imagine how hard it is with a toddler in tow.

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    1. Aw nightmare! At least with a pushchair you do have the potential to run over rude people’s toes! lol I was useless with a pushchair though, I’d get stuck not moving because I couldn’t fit through, took me an age to move anywhere! Need to be one of the moody moms who just charge through!


  2. Tee 💜 says:

    I tend to start off very placid and just waiting or meekly saying, “excuse me” but by the end I lose patience and using the ‘ramming’ technique.

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