Needy Dog Progress!

Yesterday I left Needy dog in the house for a whole 18 minutes! Our new personal best!

I film her when I leave, and watch it when I return. She managed the whole 18 minutes with only minor yipping in the first 30 seconds!


I am so proud of her (and me) for making this progress. When she first came to us, I couldn’t leave the room without her having a breakdown, even if she was just the other side of a baby gate and could still see me! Now I can go upstairs and she can wait at the bottom without panicking, she can sleep downstairs, she can be on the other side of a baby gate from me, she can sit in her crate whilst I shower. These are all enormous steps for her. She still follows me everywhere, some dog owners/lovers that I know say this would annoy them, but I LOVE it. I am her world, I am her safety, and maybe its just narcissistic that I like it. I think we have a connection and that is really what I love.

Me leaving the house completely is rather traumatic for her. So baby baby steps. But 18 minutes alone! This is amazing! I am pretty much walking on cloud nine since and just had to share it with you!

I think she deserves some sort of medal!


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