Mommy’s girl

I’ve seen others post about being the favorite, or not favorite parent, but here is our experience as it stands now.

At the moment I am my daughters favorite parent. If I am home I have to take her to the toilet, cuddle her when hurt, draw with her etc etc. When I’m not home daddy is 100% good enough, no questions asked on her part!

For a while daddy was the favorite, it hurt, but she was happy and she was so cute with him it was ok. Now it’s back to me, has been for a while, I love it, even though I do feel bad for my hubby, he doesn’t take it personally like I did! But it is exhausting, on our shared days off, when we could take it in turns doing stuff with her, to give the other ‘time off’, I have to do everything! It’s especially tiring in the night, more so since she is coming into us every night at the moment! This is her most recent strategy:

We are trying to convince her that it’s ok for daddy to stay in bed too. We are working on the fact that she can climb in around him! Heaven forbid we would make her walk around to my side of the bed!!!


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