My daughter is a carnivore

My daughter is a carnivore. Especially loves red meat.

Me and my husband have no idea how this happened, or how to deal with it. We are not big meat eaters at all. I was veggie for years. We usually eat veggie. But now this, she wants to eat meat, and almost nothing else.

So far I have mastered one beef dish. A stir fry, couldn’t really go wrong there!

This was me and my husband trying to discuss what steak we should get. Honestly we are clueless.

Yep, I thought sirloin was stirloin. At least my hubby has more carnivore lingo down then I do!!! Maybe there’s hope for us yet. Or maybe not.


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  1. Haha. Kids are weird right? They keep surprising us! But what I know is red meet (as long as it is not processed) is good for kids as it is great source of iron and protein!


    1. They sure are! I just need to learn how to cook it! Haha!

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  2. Lol….had to do that. Kids crave what they need to grow. Meat is pretty simple to prepare. You can buy hamburger and put it in a frying pan then take a spachula and chop it up very fine. Have u tried making hamburger helper meals. U just need the hamburger helper meal and about a pound of cooked hambuger. Its simple and easy. Hope it helps. My husband was a meat cutter/meat manager for a grocery store for over 20 years. So if u have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    1. Thankyou! I don’t think we have hamburger helper meals over here! I’m always worried I’m going to undercook meat! Just need to convince her that veggies are her friend too! She used to love them, so hoping it’s just a phase!

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  3. charmony777 says:

    There are many good meat cookbooks on Amazon, that may be a good place to start.

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