Baby and Toddler Groups

I like being on my own, I like it just me and my daughter during the day. I don’t often wish I had Mommy friends, or as I’ve seen it called a ‘momtaurage’ – Ick!

I did think it would be good for me to meet other Moms though. So I made an attempt at meeting them. Its harder then you think. I took my daughter to swimming lessons, made no friends there. I went to a couple of baby/toddler groups, and was met with this:

Literally silence. Not a word was said to me. I didn’t even get a sarcastic smile. I kept trying, I must have introduced me and my daughter at least 20 times, and used every word for Hello in the dictionary. But no one wanted to talk to me. I don’t know why. I’m not hard to talk to, I don’t have a scary face, and I had a really cute and happy baby. How could you not at least say ‘hi’, or do a silly wave to my daughter, who was beaming at everyone. I left wondering if I had in fact turned invisible! I went to a different group, same story. One time I had someone else come with me – she is SUPER chatty, and we still got no response. So instead we sat there self conscious and listening to the other women talk in graphic detail about their birth stories. Nothing wrong with that, just feels a bit intrusive to have no choice but to listen, when you don’t know them. So it was official – I wasn’t invisible, just no one wanted to talk to us. Other Moms can just be clicky to an extreme. I don’t know how they can be, surely they were all the nervous new Mom at some point?

I have since met a couple of other Moms (not at baby/toddler groups!) who sadly have all had the same or similar experiences. One tried groups for several years, before she gave up. Me I only managed a couple before I couldn’t take it any more.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or do I just live in a really bitchy corner of the world?!


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  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

    That’s horrible. I have had better experiences but I’m still not really one of the ‘gang’. I’m more on the fringes. It does hurt. But then I think … do I WANT to be one of them? Nope!
    Glad you did find some normal people … xx

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    1. I’m glad you have had better experiences! I’m not friends with these more normal moms yet, but it’s getting there! Slowly slowly! X

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      1. Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

        Define normal? If normal means dressing the same, behaving the same and being unwelcoming to others then I’m very glad I’m not ‘normal’! Lol

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  2. I used the word normal, as you had used it to describe these other nicer moms I’d met. Sorry if I misread that! I just mean it in the sense, that they are nice and not rude. They have what I would consider normal manners! We are totally different, which is a good thing! Its interesting to speak to people who have different ways of looking at things too. Sometimes it makes me question how I do things, but in a good way, I see what they do and think, hmmm maybe I should try that!


  3. llxoxo says:

    I’ve had a similar experience Hun! It was actually when I was pregnant and I went to a bump, baby and toddler group at my local library. My friend who was also pregnant came with me and we both just sat there in a room full of other mums and dads. It was very clique and no one approached us, and when we tried we just got a faint smile and then they carried on in their little groups. We just had a lecture from the lady who was running it on how her labour was horrendous. Needless to say we never went back x

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    1. It’s just horrible isn’t it!


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