The battle of the dinner.

I’m sure many other parents out there have this issue.

My daughter was a fantastic eater, she would eat her vegetables, everything, apart from mashed potato, but it was good! She then became a fully fledged toddler, and turned into a fussy pants. Won’t touch her veg, I have to hide it in sauces and blitz them smooth!

Breakfast and lunch, usually go pretty smoothly, she sits at the table till she’s eaten her fill, she doesn’t pour her drink everywhere, etc. Dinner however is a different story all together, it is a fight. She won’t sit down, she won’t put food in her mouth, she drinks her milk from her spoon, she pours it either down herself or all over the table, she sneaks her dinner to the dogs. No amount of bribery or reasoning or telling her off makes a difference.

Last night I gave up trying to get her to behave, and just wanted some food in her! So this is what we came up with. It worked a treat. I figure she’s only 2.5, table manners can come later!

Anyone else struggle with this and have any tips?

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  1. Kalamain says:

    Have you tried the reverse method? Only give her tiny amounts and when she kicks up a fuss remind her that she only ate that much yesterday. Then give her a little from a side plate (not your plate)

    Oh… and if she is only fussy in the evening, is she tired? Does she get a nap in the afternoon?


    1. I’ll try giving her even less at dinner, fingers crossed! Thankyou. 😁
      I’m sure she’s tired when it comes to dinner, she’s never been much of a napper and gave up what naps she did have ages ago, much to my horror!

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      1. Kalamain says:

        Poor you. When mine took her nap I did the house work. B-)
        Obviously as long as she is eating breakfast and lunch she is getting food. She isn’t starving or anything.


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