Needy dog and the idiot on the street.

This is my pet hate when I take out needy dog. This is a bit of a rant!

She is terrified of people (shes a rescue and was beaten and starved – we didn’t make her this way!) mainly men, and she goes into DANGER BARK mode. Being a herding dog, she will nip when she’s scared to try and control the situation. Dogs show terror in different ways, a dog who shakes and a dog who barks are equally as likely to bite.

She is improving, and she will get there. But she needs to know that I will keep her safe, and stop anyone’s behaviour that makes her scared and uncomfortable. Unfortunately people don’t always listen, even more unfortunately it’s always been men who don’t listen, which just makes the fear worse, and they are damaging her trust in me, and making the process slower.

The fact she is very tiny for her breed, and super cute works against us. People want to stroke her. Why anyone would want to approach a dog who is barking at them is beyond me though! If she was a German shepherd or Doberman people would tell me off for having an aggressive dog and wouldn’t dream of approaching. So enevitably in this situation I end up picking her up and running away, not so easy when I have toddler and bombproof dog with me!

We now muzzle her when we take her out, which she hates. But I can’t risk her nipping someone and then being made to put her down, just because some idiot couldn’t listen to me!

Rant over.


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  1. I so hear you on the crap stupid people do. It is so messed up. I take my dog to work and I had to put a sign up not to touch dog. Not because of biting, but because most people have god knows what on their hands and bam. ..the fog is sick and pucking not long after being touched. Or else I get to listen to people tell me how sad my dog is for being at work with me. Which the dog super loves by the way. And just because my dog is relaxed and chilled out doesn’t make her sad or want you to take her home. No kidding people seriously treat my dog as if its up for adoption or something….. I could tell u do many stories

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    1. Your dog sounds lovely! My older dog is a super chilled out girl (except on walks where she runs around like a maniac!) people would probably think she’s sad too if she came to work with you! It’s annoying when people think they know your dog better then you do. It’s such a nice thing to be able to take your dog to work 😁

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      1. Thank you. My dog loves coming to work with me. Its fun


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