The Needy Dog.

Today Needy Dog freaked out at a bush. Yep a bush. Not a new bush, a bush that has always been here.


And when I say – freak out, I don’t mean she is just a bit nervous of it, no, she goes into fear aggression mode, she BARKS at it, lunges at it, then makes a hasty retreat to repeat the process over and over and over. I ended up having to go over and basically caress the bush to show her it was ok – my neighbours really must think I’m a strange one!

I’ll tell you a little about the Needy dog.

She is the newest member of our family. She is around a year old, and spent the first 5 months of her life starved, neglected and beaten. She was rescued along with her siblings, one of whom nearly lost his life – that is how bad a state they were in. She ended up in a rescue in England, where we adopted her!

She is brilliant with me, my husband and my daughter, my daughter is playing fetch with her in the kitchen as I type! It’s everyone else she hates!  Well she doesn’t hate them she is simply terrified of them. Older men are the worst ‘offenders’ – it has taken 3 months of slow slow work and A LOT of chicken for her to tolerate being in the same room as my Dad. She is still nervous of him, and still has the odd freak-out. Thankfully my Dad is dog-friendly and very patient with her!

When we got her she had never lived in a house before, so every noise and many objects were scary; the toilet flushing, the TV, the radio, music, the hob lighting, the washing machine, lamps, scales, the list goes on. She adjusted very quickly to all of that. She still wants to attack the hoover and the broom, we are improving slowly on those!

She was not toilet trained. She actually cottoned onto the whole idea very quickly! Now she is just a diva, and won’t poop if it’s raining outside, so I have to stand outside in the rain with her until she goes!



She also has some MAJOR separation anxiety. She used to poop/pee, howl, and dig frantically, even if I just left a room. Now she can tolerate being in a different room from me, and she can even sleep downstairs at night. However I cannot leave her alone in the house at all. I know that we will get there with this one, but it is difficult to not be able to do anything, can’t go grocery shopping, or meet up with friends.


I know friends can come to see me, but then we have to acclimatize Needy Dog to them, and then they are stuck on the sofa, as if they move around too much she FREAKS all over again!


I have days where I wonder what the hell I have done, and we still have a long road ahead of us. But she is such a goofy, loving little girl, I know our house wouldn’t be the same without her, we definitely wouldn’t have as much to laugh about!

I’m a huge believer of if you want a dog, get a rescue. The road may be a little bit bumpier, but it is worth it.

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  1. Good luck with getting her socialized.


    1. Thankyou! She is getting better but it’s all baby steps. Takes a lot of positive reinforcement and positive interactions to erase the abuse.

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      1. Yes, I hear you. Hope the socializing keeps moving forward for u.

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