So here goes, my first post on mental health related stuff! I hope that I can explain things properly.

I am on medication, but sometimes they stop working and they have to be tweaked. Even being on meds doesn’t stop the highs and lows completely, they just make them more manageable and less extreme and dangerous. So whilst I’m medicated I mainly only experience the odd bit of hypomania (which is a less extreme version of mania) and personally a lot of the time, I love it. My house is sparkling spotless, I get all those jobs I keep putting off done, I don’t struggle with what to cook for dinner and me and my daughter have the best time doing creative projects, singing, dancing, meeting up with friends and she gets lots of new clothes! Really its just the usual fun but lots more of it.  And the energy is simply amazing – I don’t need much sleep, its amazing how many hours are in the day when you only need a couple of hours a night! My husband is fantastic at reigning me in, we can’t let it go too far, he makes sure I have downtime, and that I limit my projects, he also does his best to make sure I do get enough sleep, last resort being convincing me to take my sleeping pills.


I have a tendency to hallucinate when I become unwell, this isn’t always as dangerous or as scary as it sounds at all! When hypomanic, I know exactly what is real and what isn’t, and what I see isn’t usually scary or terrible. It actually amazes me that I’ve got such an imagination locked away in my brain! I mean who could be scared when you see this little dude in the garden!


I would just like to say, I have fantastic support if I become unwell, and my gorgeous girl is always safe, her needs met and she is always loved. Her life is thankfully unaffected by it. We took a long time to consider having children before we embarked on this journey, maybe I’ll write more on that later.


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  1. B says:

    Personally knowing you I agree totally that firstly you are a wonderful mum x. This blog seems like a ridiculously good idea as you can do lots in one go if you like or none at all if you don’t depending on what’s up.
    I get ur cycle on a muchly dialled back scale and view it less as being a bad thing and more like a sporadic super power.

    Xx lots of love and look forward to the next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That picture of the gargoyle is funny looking.


    1. It was funny, definately better then scary!

      Liked by 1 person

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